poised [pɔızd] adj
[Sense: 1-3; Date: 1600-1700; Origin: poise 'to weigh, balance' (14-21 centuries), from Old French peser, from Latin pensare]
[Sense: 4; Date: 1900-2000; Origin: POISE]
1.) [not before noun]
not moving, but ready to move or do something at any moment
poised for
She waited by the door like a small animal poised for flight.
poised on
His finger was poised on the camera's shutter release.
poised to do sth
He stood on the edge of the roof, poised to jump.
2.) [not before noun]
completely ready to do something or for something to happen, when it is likely to happen soon
poised to do sth
Spain was poised to become the dominant power in Europe.
poised on the brink/edge of sth
The economy is poised on the edge of collapse.
3.) poised between sth and sth
to be in a position or situation in which two things have an equally strong influence
The world stood poised between peace and war.
4.) behaving in a calm, confident way, and able to control your feelings and reactions
Abigail walked to the microphone, poised and confident.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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